domingo, 20 de abril de 2014

Papá lo sabe todo (cosas de hermanos)

WTF is going on here, Daddy catch his sons fucking on the new sofa? 

My oldest brother loved getting fucked more than anything else, with me it was sucking and rimming, my middle brother loved sucking and rimming,but he was an expert at wanking guys off he could make you cum faster than you could do it yourself, but back to the point, At every opportunity he would be legs up and demanding our cocks inside him in the pretence that he was playing the girl to teach us how to fuck properly so that when we found women of our own we would be able to satisfy them, I never complained I loved empting my load inside him and the bigger I got and the deeper I penetrated him the more he wanted me sometimes he would have me fuck him 3 or 4 times a week, of course this had to happen when Mm and Dad were at work and our sisters out somewhere, he grabbed any opportunity, sometimes you would go for a piss and he would follow you into the bathroom drop his jeans and get over the bath for a quick two minute fuck, the guy was a pure spunk bucket, but married now with two kids and another on it’s way. 

Marco y Marcio Patriota, made in Brasil, gemelos con mucho 'twincest'

Hermanitos Pletts

Los hermanitos Ales Havlicek and Ondrej Havlicek

mmmmmmm it’s nice to get seduced and tampered with now and again.

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